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Traces of the frontier days in the Northern Great Basin and on the Columbia Plateau. Platinum/Palladium and Pigment Ink prints.
Palouse Relic, Eastern WashingtonRichmond, OregonDiamond Ranch, Harney Co., OregonLong Barn at 'P' Ranch, Harney Co., OregonShirk Ranch No. 1, Harney Co., OregonShirk Ranch No. 2, Harney Co., OregonRanch Gate, Steens Mountain, OregonWindows, Hardman, OregonBack Door, Riddle Ranch, Steens Mt, OregonTool Shed, Riddle Ranch, Steens Mt., OregonCookhouse, Riddle Ranch, Steens Mt., OregonClothesline, Riddle Ranch, Steens Mt., OregonBlitzen, OregonAllville, OregonGeneral Store, Frenchglen, OregonKam Wah Chung Historic Site, John Day, OregonAbandoned Homestead, near Goldendale, WashingtonOlmstead Homestead Historic Site, Ellensburg, WashingtonChurch Door, Richmond, OregonFire Hose Cart, Antelope, Oregon

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