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The reason I love photographing in b+w is the way it takes the viewer one step away from the everyday world of color. Infrared, which I've been doing for about five years now, takes the viewer one step further, transforming the landscape into a beautifully surreal, dream-like world. One of my favorite places to play with infrared is along the Oregon Coast, especially during extreme low tides, where a landscape teeming with life in dull browns and dark greens comes alive when viewed in infrared illumination. I have come to love the haunting, other-worldly, even eerie quality this way of seeing brings to the coastal landscape.
Sea Palm, Seal Rock NorthStarfish Buffet, Seal Rock NorthKelp Detail, Quail Street BeachExposed Root at Low Tide, Yachats BayLow Tide, Yachats BayLow Tide, Spanish Head #2Low Tide, Spanish Head, #5Road's End No. 2Alligator Rock, Spanish Head BeachSea Monster Rock, Quail Street BeachProposal Rock Detail, Neskowin BeachPath to Punchbowl BeachSea Grass at Seal Rock Beach No. 2Sea Grass at Seal Rock Beach No. 1Marine Gardens at Punchbowl No. 2Marine Gardens at Punchbowl No. 1Low Tide Family, Quail St. BeachGoose Necks and Mussels at Quail St. BeachDragon Rock, Quail Street BeachAstoria Bridge Over the Columbia

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